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Fotografia: Flavio Colker

Martha Pagy Art Office represents a diverse cast of artists from different generations working in multiple disciplines, encouraging the exchange of ideas, practices, and knowledge. Founded in 2013, Martha Pagy Art Office creates exhibitions and promotes artist and curator events for select groups of people, fomenting the making and appreciation of art.

For more than 20 years Martha Pagy has been dedicated to art promotion, institutionally and privately. Pagy played a critical role, as director of programming and patrimony, in defining the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil’s activities in Rio de Janeiro since its inauguration in 1989, until 2003. Leading her company Múltiplos Projetos Culturais since 2006, Martha Pagy has been active with curatorial projects, consultancy, and production. From 2007 to 2012 she directed Largo das Artes Gallery in Rio’s historic center, where she held contemporary art exhibitions of Brazilian and international artists, and promoted the launch of young talent in the Brazilian art scene.

Martha Pagy